Approval Interpretation Document No 8


We are pleased to inform you that the Minister for Climate and Energy (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate) has approved the Better Biomass interpretation document No8 within the context of: Besluit conformiteitsbeoordeling van vaste biomassa voor energietoepassingen. This approval covers all biomass categories and has worldwide coverage. The interpretation document No 8 is applicable from 1 February for all audits. You will find this interpretation document and a ‘red line’ version on the website under Current certification documents.

Interpretation documents No 6 and 7 have also been formally approved, but No 8 is the current document and supersedes these previous versions.

Status RED II Recognition

On February 3, the RED II Committee on the Sustainability of Biofuels, Bioliquids and Biomass Fuels issued a positive opinion on the decisions to recognize Better Biomass and 12 other voluntary schemes. The Commission states on its website that it expects formal approval and publication of these decisions by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Better Biomass Revision

We realize that the interpretation document has become very complex due to the different approval procedures. That is why this year, after completion of all accreditation procedures, we are carrying out a revision in which the Interpretation Document is to be  included in the NTA 8080 series and the Better Biomass certification scheme (NCS 8080).