Organizations can use the Better Biomass certificate to demonstrate that the biomass they produce, process, trade or use is sustainable. The process for being granted a Better Biomass certificate is described in the certification roadmap. Certification audits are performed by certification bodies that have entered into an agreement with NEN. To date, Better Biomass does not recognize other sustainability certifications as being equivalent. Within the framework of Directive (EU) 2018/2001, Better Biomass recognizes the voluntary schemes and national schemes designed and recognized by the European Commission to demonstrate conformance to sustainability criteria set out in Articles 29(2) to (7) and (10) and the greenhouse gas emissions savings thresholds set in Article 25(2) in this Directive.


Requirements and certification rules
Learn more about the sustainability and chain-of-custody requirements for the Better Biomass certificate and the ‘rules’ for certification in the section about certification documents.