Better Biomass contributes to Webinar CO2 performance of bioenergy


The Dutch association for bio-energy, Platform Bio-Energie, will organise its first webinar on 27 March 2020. Theme of this webinar is CO2 performance of bioenergy. The determination of the CO2 performance is an important aspect to assess the sustainability of biomass. When valorising biomass for energy applications, a significant saving of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the fossil reference shall be accomplished to qualify for sustainable biomass.

Jarno Dakhorst, Better Biomass scheme manager, is one of the contributors to this webinar. He will give an explanation about the greenhouse gas calculation methodologies within the Better Biomass scheme and the chain-of-custody requirements with respect to CO2 related information, to ensure that the end user can calculate the overall CO2 performance to assess whether this meets the minimum requirements for sustainably produced biomass.

More information about this webinar is available at the website of Platform Bio-Energie (in Dutch).