Meet NEN at World Bio Markets 2019


NEN is Bronze Sponsor of the 14th annual World Bio Markets – the leading assembly for the bio-based economy. This assembly will take place at the Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam (NL) from 1 to 3 April 2019. NEN will have a stand and will moderate a round table in the session ‘Building a bio-based industry’.

NEN is not only scheme manager of Better Biomass certification, but also of Bio-based content certification that enables independent assessment of claims about the bio-based content of products to facilitate both business to business and business to consumer communication. Moreover, NEN has leading positions in European standardisation in the field of bio-based products (CEN/TC 411), algae and algae products (CEN/TC 454) and sustainability criteria for biomass (CEN/TC 383) as well as in international standardisation in the field of chain of custody (ISO/PC 308). Furthermore, NEN is involved in several (European) pre- and co-normative research projects aiming at fostering innovation and market introductions to accelerate the (circular) bio-economy.

Attendees of World Bio Markets 2019 have the opportunity to meet NEN colleagues to learn more about how standardisation and certification can boost their business. Also during the round table session entitled “Shaping the bio-based economy: fostering innovation and market introductions with standardisation and certification tools” we will interact with the participants on these building blocks. We look forward to meeting you and to building strategic partnerships.

More about the round table session

Established companies are shifting from fossil-based to bio-based materials in their production processes, whilst start-ups and spin-offs introduce innovative products, services and technologies supporting the bio-based economy. Several public and/or private research, development and demonstration projects provide useful results needed for scaling up new technologies and production processes to increase the share of bio-based materials in the overall use of raw materials. Standardisation is an efficient and proven concept to support sectors with their innovations and accelerating market introductions. Standardisation provides a common language, enhance cost effectiveness through standardised procedures and ensuring interoperability, and addresses health, safety and environmental aspects as part of the (social) licence to operate. Certifications deliver independent assessments of conformity with specific standards, which enable credible and transparent communication about certain aspects of bio-based products, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. NEN is involved in pre-/co-normative research projects, and in developing and managing standards and certification schemes. With these activities, NEN has access to a large and diverse network of experts around the globe. During this roundtable session we will discuss in which way standardisation and certification can support your bio-based activities. We invite attendees of World Bio Markets 2019 to identify barriers they encounter in their activities to move forward in the transition towards the (circular) bio-based economy. Together with peers we will try to tackle these barriers, for example by determining needs for standardisation or certification. Success stories are also welcome for inspiration and lessons learned. Your take away of this roundtable session will be a better equipped tools box to make your business (even) more successful.