Updated Better Biomass scheme documents approved in framework of SDE+ subsidy scheme


The Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has approved the updated Better Biomass scheme documents in the framework of the Decree conformity assessment of solid biomass for energy applications. This approval applies to all biomass categories and has as global coverage.

The updated scheme documents concern Interpretation document N⁰ 5 and NEN Scheme management manual version 7.1. With the approval of Interpretation document N⁰ 5, the issue with respect to cross-referencing between the NTA 8003:2017 classification of biomass and the biomass categories used in aforementioned decree has been resolved by replacing the cross-reference table with a reference to “Leidraad biomassa classificeren: categorieën en NTA 8003 codes binnen de SDE+ – Handreiking voor energieproducenten en conformiteitsbeoordelingsinstanties”, which contains decision trees and provides links to the classification applied in NTA 8003:2017. Attached is a version of Interpretation document N⁰ 5 marking the changes compared to the previous version. Furthermore, NEN Scheme management has updated their general procedures to conform to the requirements in NTA 8813:2017, Requirements for development and management of conformity assessment schemes by independent scheme owners [in Dutch].

Better Biomass can be used as certification scheme to demonstrate compliance with the Dutch sustainability criteria for solid biomass for energy applications as agreed within the Dutch Energy Agreement. This proof of compliance is important to qualify for the subsidy scheme ‘SDE+’. More information about this subsidy scheme is available at the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl).